Blue Sky Vintage China Hire Fees

Vintage China Hire ‘Package Prices’ (minimum 20 guests)
Our ‘all-inclusive’ Tea Party & Dinner Party package hire prices cater for parties of 20 and over. A great saving over our listed individual prices! From only £90.00!

Tea Party Vintage China Hire:
Trios (Teacup, Saucer & Side Plate), ‘Eared’ Cake Plates, Sandwich Platters, Cake Stands, Teapots & Coffee Pots, Milk Jugs and Sugar Bowls. £4.50 per person

Dinner Service Vintage China Hire:
Dinner Plates, Side Plates, Dessert Plates or Dessert Bowls, Tureens, Serving Dishes and Gravy Boats. £4.75 per person

Dinner Service Vintage China Hire with tea and coffee to follow:
Enjoy your main meal finishing with tea and coffee. A combination of our tea and dinner service offerings above. £6.75 per person

We also hire vintage teaspoons @ 50p each.

Individual Item Hire Charges
Cup & Saucer £1.50; Cup, Saucer & Teaplate (Trio) £2.00; Side or Cake Plate £0.50; Dinner Plate £1.50; Oval Serving Platter £3.00; Sandwich Platter £2.50; Cake Stand (Single Tier) £4.00; Cake Stand (Double Tier): £5.00; Cake Stand (Triple Tier) £6.00; Glass Cake Stand (Single Tier) £6.00; Tea Pot £5.00; Coffee Pot £5.00; Milk Jug & Sugar Bowl £3.00; Sauce or Gravy Boat: £2.50

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